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Tax Investigations & Inspection Services

The Financial Management Centre aids businesses who are subject to HMRC inspection and investigation. The number of such investigations has risen substantially since HMRC was created almost 10 years ago and ever more draconian tax laws means this trend is here to stay. The Government has made clear its intention to investigate and prosecute businesses for tax evasion in its attempt to find additional cash to fill the black holes in the public purse. In fact as many as 15% of tax inspections are triggered entirely at random with no reasonable belief of wrong-doing on behalf of the inspected. However if you become subject to HMRC inspection you are advised to take this fact very seriously indeed.

Help is at hand

HMRC states the average amount of time to conduct and conclude an inspection is 16 months. It is essential you receive adequate advice and protection during this period. The Financial Management’s tax inspection service affords you the support and protection you need during this troublesome time.

Types of tax investigations

Tax investigations can broadly be divided into ‘full’ or ‘aspect’ enquiries. A ‘full’ enquiry is when HMRC looks at the entirely of your tax return. An ‘aspect’ enquiry is when HMRC looks at only a specific entry on your return.

What we offer

You receive the below benefits when you choose The Financial Management Centre as your competent tax investigation advisor:

  • Round the clock telephone support
  • A trained representative authorised to liaise with HMRC on your behalf
  • Court attendance if necessary
  • Represent you at any face-to-face meetings you have with HMRC
  • Advise on the limits of HMRC’s powers
  • Review the personal tax affairs of directors
  • Full audit of your bookkeeping system and tax return
  • HMRC Code of Practice 9 (Contractual Disclosure Facility), Code of Practice 8 (fraud and bespoke avoidance) and Local Compliance enquiry advice
  • IR35 dispute advice
  • Dealing with the Special Civil Investigations of Fraud Unit or the Special Civil Investigations section of HMRC in serious cases

The Financial Management Centre assists clients in the following areas:

  • Company tax investigations
  • Partnership & sole trader tax investigations
  • Capital gains tax investigations
  • Dividend and bank interest tax investigations
  • PAYE and National Insurance investigations

We ensure your tax system is correct by carrying out a full audit. We try to find holes in your system which may have triggered an investigation. Tax laws are complex and some businesses invariably fall foul of laws due to their complexity. If this is the case we are able to negotiate a settlement with HMRC on your behalf. This ensures your ordeal is over quickly so you can continue with your core business activities without unnecessary worries regarding tax. If a tax error is found and deemed an innocent omission, we advise clients to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC without delay in order to mitigate your liability.

VAT investigations

The inspection may relate to VAT. We offer a comprehensive VAT service meaning our advisors are able to aid on VAT inspections too. VAT inspections are fairly routine and VAT registered businesses should not be entirely alarmed if they become subject to an inspection. A VAT inspection is often triggered because you operate in a business HMRC has opted to focus its efforts on.

Typically HMRC notifies affected businesses of its intention to carry out an inspection although it rarely states the reason for the inspection. It is essential for you to seek professional assistance as soon as possible. Our advisors attend your premises on the day of the inspection and ensure you are suitably represented.

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