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Running the day to day of any business can be overwhelming. There are many different avenues to priorities, with payroll being classified as a secondary yet vital responsibility. After all, maintaining financial liabilities to HMRC, along with employees is very important, especially as companies grow.

Down to the stresses and complexities of payroll and CIS payroll processes and obligations, many companies in the High Wycombe area are outsourcing their activity. There are many benefits linked to outsourcing your payroll activity, especially as a small business or start-up. From more time, to invest into other areas of business, to having the reassurance that all payroll obligations are upheld, your position as a company can transform.

If you’re looking for payroll and CIS payroll services in High Wycombe, consider ours here at the Financial Management Centre. We are renowned for supporting businesses, no matter their size or form with accountancy and bookkeeping responsibilities, with a focus on payroll services.


So far, you may have attempted to juggle every area of your business. Understandably, this is how many start-ups begin. However, as employees or contractors are added into the mix, an additional stream of responsibility follows, known as payroll/CIS payroll.

Through this extra responsibility, you’ll need to ensure that your employees get paid on time, while also committing to the correct pay brackets. You’ll need to arrange National Insurance contributions and any student loan repayments. You’ll also need to ensure that tax liabilities are correct while following HMRC guidelines. Although payroll activity may seem small in the grand scheme of business, without insider knowledge, without a streamlined approach, it can become complex, time consuming and a hassle.

Here are the benefits you can experience through payroll outsourcing services:

–        You’ll save money

Although an initial investment will be required to utilise payroll and CIS payroll services in High Wycombe, over the lifespan of your business, you will save money. Business specialised accountants will work to ensure that your payroll processes are effective and are following guidelines, all contributing to long-term savings.

–        You’ll save time

Imagine having some spare time to invest into other areas of your business. We’re pretty sure that payroll activities are seen as a hassle, more than an asset to your company. Through payroll outsourcing services, you can continue to focus on your business development, while placing your payroll activity in the hands of specialists.

–        You’ll have a fully integrated online system

Integration is very important, ensuring that all processes work well with each other. Here is where online payroll services can bring value to your business, transferring all of your paperwork and payroll activity, online. Greater communication will be experienced, an effective process will be available, virtual access will be present and efficient payroll/CIS payroll activity will be maintained. This will benefit your business significantly, especially when growth is experienced, ensuring that payroll processes can be upheld and duplicated with ease.

–        You’ll receive specialist support

If finance as a whole isn’t your forte, we’re sure that outsourcing your payroll activity will be favoured. Through our payroll and CIS payroll services, you’ll work with specialists, having their support from start to finish. Additional financial support is also available through our offering, focusing on bookkeeping, payroll and tax services.

–        You’ll have a fully compliant payroll process

Have the knowledge that your payroll activity and processes are fully compliant, meet deadlines and adhere to HMRC guidelines. Through payroll and CIS payroll services in High Wycombe, you can benefit from legitimate accounts.


Here at TFMC, we offer a range of outsourced payroll services, all at an affordable rate. We work with small, medium and large businesses in the High Wycombe area, along with start-ups and contractors, helping to reduce the ongoing strain of financial management.


Our payroll services can maintain the entirety of your payroll processes. From circulating payslips and calculating PAYE and NI contributions, to activating student loan repayments, P60, P14 AND P35 submissions to HMRC and managing payroll files, we can ensure that your payroll activity is accurate, up to date and fulfilled.

For more information on our managed payroll services, in place to support employers, reach out today.


Payroll is also a time-consuming task for contractors and subcontractors. Through our CIS payroll services, we can support contractors by adhering to HMRC’s CIS scheme. We can work through the complex processes which many contractors hate or avoid doing; ultimately placing a strain on their financial activity.

Our CIS payroll services will support you by registering contractors under the scheme, by completing monthly returns and submissions to HMRC, by offering ongoing advice on CIS and by producing accurate financial statements on a monthly/quarterly basis.

Both payroll and CIS payroll services are managed online, offering the most effective maintenance processes, while also providing immediate access. In tandem with the above benefits, you’ll have the reassurance that your payroll system is consistently maintained, accurate and legitimate, along with having access to additional financial support.

Receive a comprehensive accountancy service through The Financial Management Centre

Alongside our affordable payroll/CIS payroll services in High Wycombe, we also specialise in other areas of accountancy and bookkeeping. In place to support a wide variety of businesses, we commit to offering one-time services or ongoing support, taking your financial hassles away.

Services we offer here at TFMC include:

–        Bookkeeping and VAT

–        Accountancy support

–        Credit control services

–        Payroll/CIS support

–        Year-end accounts and tax returns

–        Business plans, budgeting and projections

With this in mind, if you’re a business in the High Wycombe area, searching for specialist accountancy support, we have a range of services in place to uphold the quality of your processes. For more information on our comprehensive services, reach out today. Alternatively, if you’re hoping to experience our payroll/CIS payroll services, our team are ready to support you by managing your payroll activity, remotely.

Experience the benefits of outsourcing your payroll activity by utilising our affordable services, available in High Wycombe.

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Whether you are a small-to-medium-sized business or need a fully dedicated accountant to help meet the challenges faced by limited companies, we can help.

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