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Bookkeeping Services in Birmingham

The Financial Management Centre offers an affordable outsourced bookkeeping service for business in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Before you sign up to our Birmingham bookkeeping service, a full written proposal is written up. This proposal outlines our service agreement and details our prices. Our advisors are up-to-date on all major bookkeeping packages such as Xero, Sage and QuickBooks so it's unlikely you will need to migrate to a new system when you outsource your bookkeeping responsibilities to The Financial Management Centre in Birmingham.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping

If you own and operate a small-to-medium sized business in Birmingham, you may currently complete your own books. This is likely something you do not enjoy. Alternatively, you may employ a bookkeeper on a part-time basis. But now you can avoid this stresses associated with 'doing your own books' by choosing to oursource this responsibility to Thoutsourceal Management Centre.

By choosing to outsource your bookkeeping, you gain additional and valuable time to spend on your core business operations. This means you avoid the stress associated with bookkeeping and you can also expect to save money and hassle when compared to hiring a part-time bookkeeper in-house.

Discover why you should outsource your bookkeeping

Why have you not outsourced your books already? Whilst we don't know the exact answer to this questions, the answer is likely one of three reasons we outline below:

  1. You didn't know you could
  2. You thought it was expensive
  3. You are happy enough to complete your books, or to have your in-house staff do this for you

Now you have discovered our services, we feel point #1 above is no longer a concern. However, if you agree with point #2 that outsourcing your bookkeeping is too expensive, then think again. When you choose to outsource your bookkeeping to The Financial Management Centre in Birmingham, you pay on an hourly rate. Unlike when you hire a bookkeeper on an in-house basis, you do not pay sick pay, holiday pay or pension contributions. This means outsourcing your books is by far the most affordable option for most small businesses in Birmingham.

As for #3 above, if you are happy to complete your books yourself, then we ask you to image for a second all the benefits you will gain by transferring this responsibility to us. Firstly, you will gain more time to spend on your core profit-making activities instead.

Secondly, you can spend this time with your family or engaging in one of your many hobbies. Thirdly, you avoid the need to perpetually learn about bookkeeping and related obligations. After all, your expertise is not business financial management, so does it not make sense to 'leave' this to the experts?

A list of benefits you receive

Let's take a look at some of the other benefits you will receive when you sign up to our outsourced Birmingham bookkeeping service:

  • How to utilise financial information to literally multiply your income
  • Cutting your costs by nearly half by following one little-known analysis exercise
  • How to organise your business finances so you can see where profits and loss occurs
  • The secret to earning more money whilst paying less tax (you'll kick yourself for not knowing this one!)
  • Many little-known tax saving tips that will save you £1000s
  • The biggest reason why many small businesses fail and one sure-fire technique to ensure you do not fall foul of this
  • How to implement cloud bookkeeping without pain and without delays
  • Seven rules we utilise to ensure all official documents are returned to HMRC without delay

A truly affordable and scalable solution

Why are we offering all of this at such an affordable price? The answer is simple. For nearly a decade we've helped our clients flourish by offering sound financial management services. This helps our clients expand, and means our clients take advantage of our related offerings such as management accounts and tax affairs management.

By offering our bookkeeping services at a discount, we help your business to grow, and when you grow, you are more likely to take advantage of our related offerings. Thus, offering our bookkeeping services at a discount is a truely win-win situation.

Furthermore, thanks to our national network of bookkeepers, we offer true economies of scale. If you wish to engage our services for one hour a week, we accommodate. If you wish to engage our services for forty hours a week, we accommodate. This means are bookkeeping service is suitable for small business and large business alike.

Getting help today

With our help, you will quickly discover that bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard work. Simply send us your documents or arrange for us to pick them up and within hours your books will be perfectly balanced. Thanks to our insistence on cloud bookkeeping software, you will be able to log in from anywhere with an Internet connection to ensure everything is exactly as you wish for.

For more information, contract The Financial Management Centre in Birmingham today on 0800 470 4820 or alternatively contact us through this website.

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