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UK HMRC P60 Deadline May 2017


UK HMRC P60 Deadline May 2017

P60 Deadline 31st May 2017

Every employer should give their employees a P60 at the end of each Tax Year and no later than 31st May.  The majority of employers and accountancy firms use payroll software packages to generate a P60 and The Financial Management Centre offices are familiar with these meaning our clients benefit from a streamlined service at year end.

What software do we recommend to manage payroll?

The Financial Management Centre offices use our own The Local Bookkeeper packages for clients' needs, but they are also familiar with a number of other online bookkeeping and offline packages including Kashflow, Xero, Clearbooks and others.
HMRC also provide a free (very) basic PAYE software package called "Basic PAYE Tools". You can download it here - it works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

What should you do if you don't have a software package running your payroll and you need to generate P60s?

In the first instance, contact your local online bookkeeper, The Financial Management Centre.  Failing that you can order the forms online direct from HRMC here.  Blank P60 forms are not available for download.



How to issue P60s to your employees - HMRC