After being persistently told by our Farnborough & Farnham office owner Kass Verjee, Ken Muschamp of Laulind finally downloaded the FREE TFMC mobile app. Available on both IOS and Android devices, the TFMC app has many useful features such as a mileage tracker, currency converter, tax tables and a message centre! Whilst perusing the app, Ken opened the message centre and saw a post on married couples allowance. Following the link in the message, the claim was submitted within 10 minutes. 4 days later a £200 cheque arrived from HMRC. Pleased with his claim, Ken thought nothing of it but the following week he received another cheque from HMRC for £877! They had back dated his claim for a further 6 years. Astonished with the results, Ken felt compelled to write to Kass and tell him of his experience and how the TFMC app helped him claim so much back.

The full testimonial letter is below.

Why don't you download the TFMC mobile app today and you could save just like Ken. If you have any financial requirements that the app can't help with please call us at The Financial Management Centre on 0800 470 4820 or 0333 202 7198.


TFMC app testimonial