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Are Small Businesses Prepared for Auto Enrolment? [INFOGRAPHIC]


The Financial Management Centre presents a new infographic around the subject of auto enrolment. The infographic is titled "Are Small Businesses Prepared for Auto enrolment?"

The infographic visually represents data The Financial Management obtained in a recent auto enrolment survey.

The survey was sent to over 5,000 small business owners with a good response. We thus feel the information captured by the survey is a valid representation of how small business owners feel about auto enrolment.

The infographic presents how well small businesses understand auto enrolment and challenges they face because of auto enrolment.

The infographic paints suggests the Government is not doing a great job of helping prepare small businesses for auto enrolment. For instance, the infographic reveals that only 36% were satisfied with the help they've received from The Pension's Regulator.

A massive 50% of people claim they've not receive any help at all.

56% of business owners we surveyed said they were not satisfied with the advice they've received from their accountant around the subject of auto enrolment whereas 32% of business owners said they haven't received any help from their accountant at all.

It's not surprising to hear that 51% of those surveyed plan to outsource the entire process to their accountant or payroll bureau.

We hope you enjoy the infographic.

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