Small- to medium- sized businesses (SMEs) are suffering from appalling treatment from the banks, even after the œ37 billion bailout of taxpayer?s money. In a recent GMTV interview, even the heads of national banks were advising that people ?don?t come to the banks for help.? SMEs are suffering from a host of problems as a result of the recession that are affecting their financial situations dramatically. Late payments from customers, decreasing business and rocketing energy prices are to name a few of the many drains on their resources. Before now, it had been common practice for SMEs to talk to their bank managers when they were suffering from shortfalls, who would grant them a larger overdraft or loan without much concern. Those days are now gone as credit is more difficult to obtain through the bank?s ever stricter lending criteria and they simply not agreeing to lend. Business?s are even having loans recalled that have already been granted. Without a range of investors to help them cover their shortfalls like the large businesses have, SMEs have nowhere else to turn. The Local Bookkeeper (TLBK) can help them turnaround their finances with their range of services aimed at improving an SMEs valuable cash flow and lessen the need for them to go to the banks for loans and overdrafts. A bookkeeper will gladly act as the ?financial cornerstone? of the business giving business owners proactive advice and will talk to the banks on behalf of the business owner to negotiate terms as part of the service. An estimated 40 SMEs are failing everyday but with this service they would inevitably be much better position to avoid this. Businesses would enjoy financial transparency that would allow them to clearly see where they were heading and where savings could be made to increase cash flow, the main artery of business success. ¯