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Auto-enrolment High Wycombe

The Financial Management Centre in High Wycombe offers a reliable auto enrolment service that reduces costs and risk whilst saving you a massive amount of time. By 2018, the vast majority of UK businesses will be obliged to enrol eligible employees into a 'workplace pension scheme.' A failure to do so results in a hefty fine handed down by the omnipotent Pensions Regulator. Engaging our auto enrolment service ensures you do not fall foul of rules designed to punish businesses who fail to comply with their auto enrolment obligations.

Who must comply with auto-enrolment?

The vast majority of UK businesses must comply with auto enrolment. Whether you employ a thousand or just one employee, it's likely your auto enrolment obligation is due to kick in sometime this year. Indeed, many large businesses have to grabble with auto enrolment since 2012. The date you must begin to set up auto enrolment for eligible employees is known as your 'staging date'.

How must I comply?

Unfortunately, the rules governing auto-enrolment are complex. First, you must determine whether each employee is or is not eligible for automatic pension contributions. Rules governing an employee's edibility are themselves complicated. An employee who is not eligible this month may well become eligible when you next exercise your payroll. This is because eligibility is governed by employees' age, earnings and number of hours worked in a given week.  These factors are subject to fluctuation. If you are not aware of these changes, it's likely you will breach your obligations in this area. Getting auto-enrolment wrong often results in the imposition of a fine handed down by the Pensions Authority.

Thus, auto-enrolment imposes a hefty administrative burden on employers.

Fortunately, The Financial Management Centre is able to manage your auto enrolment obligations on your behalf. We take care of all of auto enrolment's tedious technical requirements. This includes initial setup, choosing an eligible pension provider, calculating employee and employer pension contributions and re-assessing employee eligibility each time your payroll is run. We also administer all employee communications relating to auto enrolment on your behalf. This includes the administration of opt-out and opt-in notices.

Getting help

Reduce your auto-enrolment risks by opting for The Financial Management Centre in High Wycombe today. Call our team of auto enrolment service providers on 01494 372043 or contact us through the website.

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Lisa is a recognised professional whose organisations offers a personable and professional service. Highly recommended.

Kate Dicker - Senior Consultant, Worldwide Kids Company

Helping companies relocate staff into the UK and finding dream homes for clients I can highly recommend Lisa for her excellent bookkeeping skills. I have used Lisa from The Financial Management Centre for the last few years . She has helped Chiltern Relocation take control of our finances and gave us good grounding to plan ahead for the forthcoming year. I have complete trust in Lisa's ability and she offers good accounting advice. Lisa...

Sharon Hewitt - Chiltern Relocation

I first came across The Financial Management Centre in a Surrey Chamber of Commerce magazine and very glad I did. I contacted them about providing a bookkeeper for a legal firm I am consulting with at the moment and they put me in touch with Lisa. From the moment you meet Lisa you know you're talking to someone who is an expert in her field of accountancy across companies and professional services. Lisa instantly makes you realise that i...

Stewart Graham Berlad - Owner, Graham LLP

Lisa and her team are like a breath of fresh air. Efficient, resourceful and knowledgeable. They have achieved transparency for my business in terms of financial information in 4 months where my previous FD failed to do over two years

Ramon Santos - Ignite Solutions

Just to say thank you to you and your team for such an easy transition

Jonathan Mills - Personal Career Management Ltd Director

Lisa offers a personally tailored accountancy service. I recommend her highly.

Suzanne Dyble - Independent Financial Adviser