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Business bookkeeping is the organisation and management of financial activity, linked to a company’s income and expenses. Along with tracking your businesses financial health, bookkeeping activity will help you observe your compliance with current regulations, along with gauging your cash flow; vital for business.

It is also a necessity for all companies to communicate their finances to the HMRC. Managing bookkeeping activity is an effective, and commonly used strategy to help communicate your business accounts.

This activity is a day to day requirement for businesses, commonly attempted in-house. Yet, there are many benefits of opting for specialist business bookkeeping services, available here at our Ashford and Maidstone office

If you’re searching for business bookkeeping in Kent, reach out to our team today. Alongside bookkeeping services, we also specialise in additional accountancy services, including tax returns and credit control.


Business finances are a highly confidential matter. With this in mind, it is recommended to work with business bookkeeping specialists, who follow a structured approach to both bookkeeping and accountancy activity.

Although an initial short-term investment will be required, long-term, your business will benefit. From saving both time and money, to understanding your financial health greater, utilising bookkeeping and accounting services will be worthwhile.

You’ll also receive high quality service and support, yet with the expectation of a reduced financial investment. Avoid the costs of in-house bookkeeping by outsourcing yours.

If you’re looking for accounting and bookkeeping in Kent, where a specialist approach is continuously followed, consider our services here at TFMC Ashford and Maidstone.

We can either complete a standalone activity or a comprehensive business bookkeeping service; fully catering to your business needs, while prioritising your privacy.


If you’re wondering exactly what a bookkeeper/accountant can do for your business, check out our bookkeeping and accounting services below.

Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Keeping track of both your income and expenditure, along with organising for future statements/returns.
  • Payroll services and systems, helping you keep on top of your employee’s pay.
  • VAT and tax returns, adhering to all deadlines and legislations.
  • Credit control and management, chasing payments for you.
  • Sales invoices, helping you keep on top of your sales figures.
  • Financial advice and support, helping to improve your financial health and effectiveness of your future bookkeeping.

And many more. If you’re a business owner, there are many benefits of utilising the above bookkeeping and accounting services. Each area of financial management can be difficult to maintain – with a focus on legislation and processes.

With this in mind, opting for a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting service in Kent will be valuable, along with making use of leading accounting and bookkeeping software.


Bookkeeping in KentAre you a business owner, finding it difficult to manage all accountancy and bookkeeping activity? Understandably, bookkeeping and accounting isn’t a natural skill of every business owner.

Likewise, keeping on top of bookkeeping and accounting activity, trends and legislations can be time consuming.

By considering our accounting and bookkeeping services here at TFMC, here are the expected benefits you’ll likely experience:

  • You’ll save time through business bookkeeping and accounting services

If you currently manage all financial activity within your business, you’ll soon receive extra time by making use of our business accounting and bookkeeping services. Here you’ll have the opportunity to invest this time elsewhere into your business.

  • You’ll benefit in the long-term, financially

Although a short-term investment is required when utilising accounting and bookkeeping services, long-term, you’ll benefit financially. By understanding your tax liability greater, along with your business’s opportunity for financial growth/investment, you’ll have the scope for greater financial health.

  • You’ll feel reassured that your bookkeeping and accounting activity is in good hands

Managing your books is a lot of pressure. There’s great responsibility to ensure that your bookkeeping and accounting activity is accurate and adhering to regulations. Feel reassured that your bookkeeping and accounting activity is in good hands by opting for a business specialist bookkeeping and accountancy firm, with experience of working with Kent based SME’s.

  • You’ll receive specialist business support

Understanding your books can be difficult without true insight. Understand yours while also receiving ongoing business support – whether that’s guidance on future investments, implementing effective payroll systems, or completing yearly tax returns.

  • You’ll benefit from a localised, personal approach

A personal approach is commonly favoured by our Kent based clients. Receive this through our localised bookkeeping and accounting services, promoting confidence and trust in an ongoing professional relationship. Our best interests lie within yours.

  • You’ll have access to a significant amount of bookkeeping and accounting services

If you’re hoping for a standalone service, this is doable here at TFMC. However, we do also offer comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting in Kent, including a wide range of bookkeeping and accountancy services.

The cost of accounting and bookkeeping in Kent

The financial investment of bookkeeping and accounting services will vary from client to client. This will all depend on the extent of financial support required, resulting in the number and depth of bookkeeping and accounting services.

From an essential package, working well for Kent based start-ups, to our comprehensive ultimate package, even offering an outsourced accounts department, we can meet your needs. We can additionally cater to a bespoke package to meet your needs.

For realistic costings, based on your bookkeeping and accounting needs, contact our team here at TFMC Ashford and Maidstone. Our team of specialist business bookkeepers and accountants will offer honest recommendations to benefit your businesses finances.

Experience the true benefits of accounting and bookkeeping in Kent, providing you with more time, money, reassurance and support.

Ensure that your books meet ICB bookkeeping legislations while offering you accurate insight into your company’s health.

Our Services

We help local Ashford and Maidstone businesses outsource their bookkeeping and accounting requirements so more focus can be put on the day to day tasks that come with running a successful business.

Bookkeeping Services & VAT

We understand that bookkeeping and VAT returns can be a distraction for businesses, we can take the burden away, allowing you to focus on developing your business.

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Management Accounts & Reporting

Management Accounts are reports that give you an up-to-date view of your finances, enabling you to make informed and effective business decisions based on performance.

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Payroll / CIS

At The Financial Management Centre we offer a national payroll service for businesses. Operating payroll can be time consuming for business owners and requires you to stay up-to-date with legislation.

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Business Plans, Budgeting & Projections

A Business Plan is a document which states what you plan to do and how. Typically associated with start-ups a business plan is used by an entrepreneur looking for funds to help get a new business started.

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Year End Accounts & Tax Returns

These are the services most commonly associated with accountants and are services offered by The Financial Management Centre.

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Credit Control

At TFMC we adapt our outsourced credit control services to our client’s requirements. Our aim is to drive business growth and improve cash flow.

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Auto Enrolment

Automatic or Auto Enrolment has been introduced by the Government to help people save for later life but with it comes a number of mandatory obligations that will be imposed on employers of all sizes, whether they have 1 or 1,000 employees.

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