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Professional Management Accounting in Ashford & Maidstone

The Financial Management Centre in Ashford and Maidstone is proud to present our management accounting service for businesses in the immediate and surrounding areas. This service is essential if your business is to receive timely and accurate financial information. The reality is most businesses in the Ashford and Maidstone area over rely on annually produced accounts in order to make important financial decisions, even if the information contained in the accounts is several months’ out of date. This often leads to incorrect decisions being made.

Management accounts mean you make the correct financial decisions

In order to rectify the matter, you are advised to invest in The Financial Management Centre’s management accounting service. This service ensures you receive financial information relating either to the last month or to the last quarter of operations. Clearly this information is more useful and accurate than information contained in yearly produced accounts.

When you sign up for this service our adviser makes a note of your business’s Key Performance Indicators. Such indicators form the bedrock of your management accounts. Financial information contained in management accounts are compiled into a visual format you and your staff are able to understand with ease. Our advisers utilise state-of-the-art financial reporting software which is able to compile financial data into visually appealing graphs and charts.

Coming in a format you are able to understand

Surely you and your colleagues will begin to wonder how on earth you managed to make accurate financial decisions before you decided to engage our management accounting service.

The management accounts you receive typically include:

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In this service sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing then please call The Financial Management Centre in Ashford and Maidstone and one of our colleagues schedules your free assessment with a qualified financial adviser. You can reach our office by calling 01795 883275 today.

We can customise a package for you and your business.


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Martin's expertise was a great help to me as I set up my accounts on a new online system. He saved me hours of frustration!

- Sharon Wilding - Board Trustee, Marketing at Kent MS Therapy Centre
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