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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Coronavirus is having a huge impact on all sectors of business. Despite this, businesses are still having to manage their books, file VAT returns, run payrolls and most importantly their credit control processes. TFMC is continuing to provide our full range of services through this difficult time. For the latest information and support visit our Blog section or use our app with regular updates sent direct to your phone.

TFMC Blogs

Contractor mortgages


Self-employed and struggling to secure a mortgage? This article examines why this is the case and also offers advice on how to secure a mortgage if you are a contractor.

Pre-year-end tax planning for 2018/19


April is nearly upon us, so that can only mean one thing - tax returns! As a taxpayer getting your tax affairs in order is an arduous and frustrating task. However it is a task where there the reward achieved in tax savings can easily exceed the heartache expended in its completion. In this article we take a look at some easy wins for the coming year end.

Late Return Penalties To Be Points Based


Penalties for filing your tax return late are a real money spinner for the HMRC and a real source of irritation for tax payers. Plans are afoot to make the penalties larger and based round a points system where you 'earn' points for bad behaviour. Find out more in this article

Buy to Let Landlord Changes


In this article we aim to explain the continuing changes to the way that buy-to-let investments are taxed and where landlords stand on the eve of the new 2019/2020 tax year.

Advanced Learner Loans - a guide for your employees


For employees looking to broaden their skills or employers looking to provide additional qualifications to their staff then the Advanced Learner Loans scheme could be of assistance. Similar to student loans they allow learners to gain qualifications and not have to make repayments until their wage rises above a certain level. Many courses are available and flexibility is built in to allow work and learning to occur at the same time without clashing.

Should You Outsource Your Payroll?


Payroll obligations continue to become more onerous as more responsibilities are foisted on employers by the government. Complicated legislation, tight deadlines and little sympathy from HMRC if mistakes are made all contribute to the business case for outsourcing a business' payroll.

Credit Control - Expectations v Reality


Credit control is a vital function of businesses large and small. As important as it is though it can be a chore chasing payments and dealing with client excuses, but by having procedures in place to deal with these eventualities it can be made a lot easier. In this article we give you some pointers as how to do this and why they are important

Is it worth going to the Small Claims Court


The Small Claims Court exists for consumers and businesses alike to settle commercial disputes. The process is relatively straight forward, but it always helps to take expert advice on whether the risk of claiming is outweighed by the reward in winning. TFMC have produced a handy article that should help you in your decision making.

Changes to Entrepreneurs relief


Entrepreneurs' relief is one of the methods the government uses to incentivise individuals to set up in business and to innovate. Once a business has gone from a start up to a successful enterprise then the owners may wish to sell up and reap the rewards of all their input and effort. This is the stage where Entrepreneurs' relief comes into play and here we explain what you need to know and some important do's and dont's

The Loan Charge and Employee Benefit Trusts


Employee Benefit Trusts until recently have been a popular method to avoid tax on personal income. This particular technique has now been effectively made redundant by the introduction of a "loan charge" on these type of payments. This is bad enough for the people who used it, but what is worse is that this charge is going to retrospectively apply back until 1999, potentially landing them with an enormous and unaffordable tax bill. In this article we examine this topic in greater detail and explore what your options are if you are affected.