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TFMC Blogs

What Is Invoice Factoring and How Can It Help My Business?


Invoice factoring solves cashflow issues by freeing up any tied-up funds that your business has in unpaid invoices; but how does it do this? A business sells their unpaid invoices to a finance company. This specialist finance company is called an invoice factorer or an invoice discounter. They collect the payment on the invoices you issue to your customers on your behalf.

FREE Guide for Worried Directors


The Financial Management Centre have contributed to a business guide, written by the KSA Group, for ‘worried directors’. The FREE guide offers impartial advice on business growth planning, financial planning and management, office/premises, marketing and technology to name a few.

Do a SWOT analysis on your business today


A SWOT analysis is a very powerful business tool you can use to help you develop your company strategy through a deeper understanding of your organisation as a whole and its relationship to customers and suppliers and how well-positioned you are to see off competitor threats.

Top 5 Credit Control Tips


**Top 5 Credit Control Tips** Cash is the lifeblood of every business. It is vital that your business has an effective and robust credit control process in place. Here are our 5 top tips for credit control: Maintain good relationships Invoicing promptly and accurately Agree realistic terms Make it as easy as possible Know your customers

3 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Commercial Mortgage


Commercial mortgages are used to purchase any kind of land or property you may need for your business. Much like with the mortgage you may have on your home, you borrow the money from a lender and the loan is secured against the property you buy. If you are considering taking out a commercial mortgage, the Financial Management Centre team have prepared our three top things you should know to find and secure the finance you need.

Business protection insurance


Business protection insurance is a topic that many businesses choose to put off or ignore. TFMC can help make the process simple and can advise on the best structure for your company. Not preparing your company in advance could have a massive and lasting impact on other directors, partners, shareholders and even your family.

New Version of the TFMC Mobile App Launched!


At The Financial Management Centre we are constantly looking for ways we can improve the service we offer our customers, and we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new version of The Financial Management Centre App. It's completely free of charge and it's available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Upgrade your app now!

ISA, LISA, or pension?


So you've reached a point in your life where you are starting to think about your retirement. But how can you really make the most of your savings and ensure you can enjoy your golden years comfortably? The three most dominant savings products on the market right now are ISAs, LISAs, and standard pensions. In this article, the Financial Management Centre team will be looking at what each of these schemes are and (hopefully) helping you work out which option is best for you.

VAT and Making Tax Digital


From April 2019, Making Tax Digital is officially and finally launched. When it goes live, VAT-registered businesses and those whose turnover is above £85,000 will have to start using it. But what is it and what do you need to know?

Tax Free Childcare Vs. Childcare Voucher Scheme


In this article, the Financial Management Centre team explain what each childcare scheme is, how they work, and which is the best choice for you. If you're currently considering the childcare options that might work best for you and your family, you have two options to choose from. Be quick as your options are narrowing as the childcare voucher scheme will soon stop accepting applications, so the clock is ticking.