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TFMC Blogs

The Dollar Has Fallen


The dollar has dropped today (Monday 23/01/2017) with a projection of volatility as Donald Trump officially became president of the USA. The dollar dropped to a six-week low against the Euro.

Research & Development Tax Credits


Research and Development tax credits are type of tax relief that rewards UK businesses for investing in innovation. The aim is to encourage growth, diversity and new ideologies within the UK market.

An Introduction to Marriage Allowance


Marriage Allowance is a handy tax benefit that many people are unaware of. For those couples who are eligible, it allows you to transfer up to £1,100 of your personal tax allowance to your spouse or civil partner. Find out how to register for your marriage allowance tax break...

What is The Apprenticeship Levy?


As apprenticeships become more appealing to businesses and school leavers looking to take their first steps on the career ladder, the Government are looking for new, efficient ways to ensure all involved benefit.