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TFMC Blogs

When and How Tips are Taxed


In this post we examine the rather interesting question of ‘when are tips taxable?’ Believe it or not, there is legislation expressly governing how tips are to be taxed

Goodbye Dividend Tax Credit, Hello Dividend Allowance!


In July the Government announced a complete change to how dividend income will be taxed with the new rules set to come into effect from April 2016. The current system of dividend tax credits will be replaced by new rates of dividend tax with everybody entitled to a £5,000 dividend allowance. The Government estimates that these changes will generate £6.8bn during the course of this parliament

How to Survive a Tax Inspection


Receiving notification of HMRC's intention to inspect your tax affairs is frightening no matter how innocent you may be. This aim of this blog post is to significantly ease any concerns you may hold.

Managing Your Cash Flow


Sadly, many business owners literally pay for poor cash flow management. Seeing Bad Debts on your Profit and Loss Account is one of the worst things our clients have to see. Effectively they have given some goods or provided a service for nothing and sometimes even at a further cost