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Year-end Accounts & Tax Return Service in Luton

The Financial Management Centre in Luton offers local businesses an affordable and reliable tax return and year-end accounts service. Completing such tasks often equates to unnecessary stress for many small business operating in the Luton area. Instead choose to save time and avoid unnecessary penalties by choosing our competitively priced service.

Year-end accounts service in Luton

The Financial Management Centre’s advisors in Luton offer a year-end accounts preparation services to local businesses. Year-end accounts are a requirement only for those trading as a limited company. If you do not receive monthly management accounts then year-end accounts may represent the only record of your businesses financial standing during the period in question. Thus it is essential your year-end accounts represent a fair and accurate view of your business’s performance for the period they cover. In turn allows you to base sound business decisions on information stored in year-end accounts.

You must file year-end accounts within nine months following your financial ‘year-end’. Companies House levies a £150 fine for businesses failing to submit their accounts on time. When you select The Financial Management Centre in Luton our advisors work closely with your team in completing this important compliance documents this making sure you do not receive a late fee.

Tax return service in Luton

In contrast to year-end accounts, all Luton business must file a tax return to HMRC by set deadlines. Your tax return details revenue and profit your business earned over the prior fiscal year. For sole traders and partnerships the deadline for submitting the return falls on 31st January each year. The return for such businesses is called a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR). Private landlords, those earning bank interest over a set threshold and parents earning between certain amounts are also required to file a SATR.

Limited Companies are required to file a Corporation Tax Self-Assessment(CTSA). This is known as form CT600. The deadline date for filing form CT600 is calculated with reference to your elected fiscal year-end. This date varies from company to company. You must file your first CT600 within twelve months after the date of your fiscal year-end and then nine months after your fiscal year-end for subsequent returns.

When you choose The Financial Management Centre in Luton to file your tax return our advisors work closely with you and your staff to make sure the return is completed well in advance of deadline day. Penalties apply for late submission and interest charges on unpaid tax.

We offer competitive rates for this service and our advisor takes advantage of all possible tax deductions you may legally claim.

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