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Auto-enrolment Services - Leeds

If you employ one or more members of staff, then you will need to enrol that person(s) into a Work Place Pension scheme. The vast majority of businesses in the United Kingdom will be required to do so by 2018. A failure to do so results in a hefty penalty imposed by the Pensions Regulator.

If you are a Leeds based business, we hope you heed this warning.

Call The Financial Management Centre in Leeds today on 0113 238 5097.


What are my obligations as an employer?

You must enrol each eligible employee on to an approved pension scheme. You, your employee and the Government all contribute to this pension. Assessing who is and who is not eligible is fairly complicated, although we offer guidance below.

Here's some of the questions you may hold regarding your obligation to enrol eligible employees into a pension scheme:

  • Is my existing pension scheme compliant with auto-enrolment?
  • What contributions must I make towards my employees' pensions?
  • What contributions must my employees make towards their own pension under the scheme?
  • Which employees are/are not eligible under the scheme?
  • When must I enrol my employees under the scheme?
  • May I defer setting up the scheme?

When you contact The Financial Management Centre in Leeds, our auto-enrolment and workplace pension advisors will answer all of these questions, and more.

Weekly and monthly administration of auto-enrolment

Your obligations under the auto-enrolment scheme is ongoing. You must deduct pension contributions from your employees' wages on a weekly or monthly basis. The Financial Management Centre offers a competitively priced payroll service, thus making sure your continued obligations under the scheme are met.

Employee eligibility for automatic pension contributions fluctuates with reference to employees' age, the amount of hours worked each week and overall earnings. If you lack professional assistance in this area, it's likely you will not be aware when an event occurs that triggers an employee's eligibility for automatic pension contributions.

Unfortunately, the Pensions Regulator will not allow you to plead ignorance should you fail to recognise when an employee becomes eligible for automatic pension contributions. Your failure to enrol employees for pension contributions as soon their eligibility becomes apparent will surely lead to a costly penalty.

When you entrust your payroll to The Financial Management Centre in Leeds, our advisors assess the eligibility of each of your employees each time we administer your payroll function. For the layperson, this requirement to reassess each and every employee each time payroll is run is onerous and likely to result in costly errors.

Our advisors also communicate with your pension providers on your behalf. This is required each time a new eligible employee joins your ranks, or when a staff member leaves your employment.

Clearly, the auto-enrolment obligation is time-consuming and one with clear potential for errors. The Financial Management Centre's auto-enrolment services allow your to focus on your business without the risk of incurring unnecessary penalties.

Going beyond expectations

When you select The Financial Management Centre in Leeds to administer your auto-enrolment obligations, we go that extra mile to ensure both you and your employees get the best deal possible.

For instance, we select a pension scheme that is most beneficial to the interests of you and your employees. Where necessary, we also convert your existing pension setup into one that is approved by the Pensions Regulator. We also take care of all opt-in and opt-out notices and we register you for auto-enrolment with reference to your 'staging date.'

As mentioned above, we re-assess each of your employees' eligibility for automatic pension contributions each time your payroll is engaged.

Summary of benefits of our Leeds auto-enrolment service

Now we summarise the key benefits you derive from engaging with The Financial Management Centre's auto-enrolment service in Leeds:

  1. More time to spend on your business - simply put, the ongoing auto-enrolment obligation robs you of precious time that would be better spend on your business. When you engage our auto-enrolment service, our advisors take care of your obligations so you win back more time to spend on your business
  2. You save money. Although our auto-enrolment services is not free, it does mean you gain access to our cost saving procedures. You achieve economies of scale without having to employ your own in-house payroll team
  3. You reduce risk. Getting auto-enrolment wrong is a costly risk you cannot afford to make. When you outsource your auto-enrolment to The Financial Management Centre in Leeds, we guarantee your obligations under auto-enrolment will be met. This ensures you are compliant with the rules and thus there is no chance of you falling foul of a penalty

Getting help

Learn more about The Financial Management Centre's auto-enrolment services today by calling our Leeds office on 0113 238 5097. Alternatively, contact us through the website and a member of our team will reply to your message shortly.

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