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We have used the services of TFMC Kingston and Leatherhead for nearly four years and have found their services exceptional. Bob has always been on hand to answer our questions (he doesn't even laugh at us when they are ridiculous!) and everything is always explained in a straightforward way. They deal with everything for us from payroll, to bookkeeping, VAT and self assessment returns - absolutely first rate service and I have no hesitation ...

Lisa Brand - Humphrey and Brand LLP

I have no hesitation in declaring TFMC Kingston and Leatherhead to be a five star company. From swift answers to my questions on regulation, company law, annual deadlines and more, and most of all, always on time and for those important deadlines. I'm a happy client!

Caroline Sullivan - Affinity Smith Ltd

The TFMC Kingston and Leatherhead team provide an excellent, comprehensive accountancy and bookkeeping service. Their knowledge of the food service industry means that you get access to all round expertise and sound advice as well as detailed accounts! We highly recommend TFMC Kingston and Leatherhead and will continue to work with them as our business grows.

Nick Higney - Splash Taverns Ltd

Professional Management Accounting in Kingston & Leatherhead

Management accounts afford you the ability to pinpoint areas of profit-making opportunities within your business. You are also afforded the ability to seal up holes in areas of wastage. This is because information contained in your management accounts is up-to-date and forward-looking. Unlike backward looking year-end accounts, the information contained in management accounts is not unduly restricted by compliance. For instance management accounts can contain Key Performance Indicators which are not strictly of a financial nature. This flexibility affords you the ability to make wise business decisions both now and in the future.

Is a lack of up-to-date information hurting your business?

Unfortunately many Small to Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) operating in the Kingston and Leatherhead area continue to rely on outdated information contained in year-end accounts. For this reason many businesses continue to stagnate and fail to exploit profit making opportunities and eliminate areas of cost wastage. Many local businesses in the Kingston and Leatherhead area hold on to the false belief that spending money to obtain this information could be better spent elsewhere since management accounts are not mandatory.

This belief often inadvertently affords your competitors with a competitive advantage over your own business. This is because your competitors who do invest in management accounts are able to see exactly where in their business money is being made and where money is being lost. And this knowledge in turn allows your competitors to mop up wastage and tap into and expand areas of profitability.

If you are wondering how competitors’ cash flow continuously outperforms your own perhaps it is time to consider investing in weekly, monthly or quarterly management accounts.

We include all information you require

The Financial Management Centre in Kingston and Leatherhead is able to offer this management accounting service for a competitive price. You are able to book your free initial consultation with an adviser today. We compile the format of your management accounts as agreed. Information contained within your accounts is capable of including non-financial as well as financial Key Performance Indicators. Each week, month or quarter an adviser is on hand to ensure you understand the significance of information contained within your management accounts. Information is presented in tables as well as visually appealing charts and graphs.

The management accounts you receive typically include:

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Debtor listings
  • Credit listings
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Profit margin analysis

Make an appointment today!

If you're eager to find out more how our management accounting service is capable of helping your business grow this year please do not hesitate to make an appointment today with the Financial Management Centre in Kingston and Leatherhead by dialing 01372 700120. Alternatively complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will respond shortly.