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If you’re looking for an accountant in the Farnham & Farnborough area, you should consider The Financial Management Centre. Running a business day-to-day can be incredibly difficult. Shifting some of the tasks you have away can help you focus on your own business. The Financial Management Centre employs a team of capable accountants in Farnham & Farnborough. They can help you become a more efficient business owner within a short period of time.

Choosing an accountant is an extremely important decision. A good accountant can save you money at the end of the tax year. However, a brilliant one will find many ways to boost your business financially. We provide and accountancy service for many different companies in the Farnham & Farnborough area.



Accountants Farnham and FarnboroughMany SME owners know the feeling.  The sheer number of tasks to do on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Involvement in keeping a business running can take up more than the 40 hours per week most people work. Add the accounting to this and it will not help the strain. Both aspects will suffer and so will your productivity. Our Accountants in Farnham & Farnborough can ease that burden with a high level of bookkeeping knowledge.  Add a vast amount of accountancy experience too, and you get the perfect formula. At the Financial Management Centre, we have helped many owners of SME’s save valuable time. It’s one of the best things about running your own business: spending time the way you want to spend it.



For many business owners, doing the bookkeeping is not something they had in mind when they decided to start their own company. Whether someone runs a creative organisation or a construction company: chances are that you are not a trained accountant. There is no shame in that. Our team in Farnham & Farnborough has a high level of experience when it comes to saving you money each year.

Advantages of using an accountant?

Our team of Accountants in Farnham & Farnborough are readily available to help you, whether you are a small business owner who needs some structural advice, or a business wanting to outsource some of their tasks. A FREE no-obligation meeting could help us determine how we at The Financial Management Centre can help you and your business. Call our team of Accountants Farnham & Farnborough on 0127 640 9036 or fill out our enquiry form. An advisor will contact you shortly to arrange an initial FREE no-obligation consultation. We look forward to joining your team in Farnham & Farnborough!


Accountancy Services in Farnham We Offer

Our accountants in Farnham & Farnborough offer bespoke accountancy packages that cover a wide range of accounting and advisory services for small to medium sized business. Just some of the services we offer include:


Bookkeeping & VAT

Looking for bookkeeping or VAT services in Farnham & Farnborough? The Financial Management Centre Farnham & Farnborough specialises in VAT and bookkeeping and provides very competitive rates.

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Accounts & Tax returns

The Financial Management Centre in Farnborough and Farnham provides a full year-end accounts and tax return service for large, medium or small companies.

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We offer a personal payroll and CIS payroll service to Farnborough and Farnham's business community. Outsourcing payroll is a very productive option.

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If you are interested in any of the above services we offer or would like to find out more about our bespoke packages then please get in touch with our team today.

We can offer an initial consultation that can involve discussing your businesses requirements and how our professional service can assist in the effective management of your business accounts.


Accountants Farnham & Farnborough FAQ's

Here are just some of the most frequently asked questions that our accountants in Farnham & Farnborough recieve.



First of all, ensure you have a Business Plan. Our Accountants Farnham & Farnborough are able to help you make the most out of your business plan by helping you set together a viable business plan, in order to draw investors in your business.

If you are looking for financial help, or grants - we have strategic partnerships with Nationwide who can agree to a loan at a flexible interest rate.


That is very dependent on your companies situation. Is your company looking for an accountant who will be able to interpret, analyse and report the numbers, and give you advice on how to improve the numbers, or a bookkeeper who would only provide the records of the financial transactions.


Yes, our Farnham & Farnborough office is led by Kass Verjee AICB (cb cert) who is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Yes, our Farnham and Farnborough accountants can offer help and advice on a wide range of business tax requirements.


That decision is up to you, we do offer packages that effectively enables your business to outsource all your accounting requirements to our team but if you would like to keep aspects of your accounting in-house then this is something that we can also cater for.

We can customise a package for you and your business.


See What Others Are Saying

Professional and Integral Accountancy Service It is important to me that I manage my company in the best way possible, with the best outsourced professional services, of whom I can rely on and feel part of my business team. Your advice of late has been invaluable to me. Your guidance on our accountancy and tax matters has been a great help and reassurance. As a small business owner, it is important to me that I have an accountant with knowledge and experience to help me through matters such as tax returns, both personally and for my business and through such matters as maternity allowance. However, please be reassured that the latter I will not need support on again in the future. Thank you for your professionalism. With kind regards

- Debbie Field - Field Training Service

We have been using the services of Kass Verjee for a number of years. Our business is a barber shop franchise and our paths crossed as Kass was a client at one of our branches. Kass has been instrumental in the success of our business and has helped us not only in financial management but advised us on many other business matters as well. We have grown from a single site business four years ago to a chain of ten with Kass managing all aspects of accounting for all shops within the group. I feel I can pick the phone up at anytime for help and support. Most recently we moved onto our new accounting software Xero. At first I thought it was going to take more of my valuable time to complete tasks, however it has actually helped the business plan more effectively, manage invoices and expenses as well as having some great reporting tools. Kass also spent some time training me on how to use the system which was a massive benefit. I look forward to many more years working together with The Financial Management Centre as our business goes through it's next stage of expansion.

- Colin Perkins - Commercial Director Hair for Men Group

We have been working with Kass for over 2 years now in relation to our company accounts, finances and payroll and benefited greatly from his broader financial advice on a very wide range of matters. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services, indeed Kass has become a true asset to our business as we have grown rapidly during the time he has worked with us. Not only does Kass offer sound financial advice he actively seeks out ways to help us grow revenue and reduce costs in key functional areas. An excellent example is the 'Xero' accountancy system. As true 'Sage' converts 2 years ago we were most reluctant to move to a new system, however following a few demonstrations we decided to give it a try and very much like Kass it would be hard to contemplate business life without. On a personal level, Kass operates to the highest degree of openness and integrity; attributes which we value highly in our daily business lives and what we do. Once again we would gladly speak to 3rd parties as part of a more detailed reference if required.

- Jason Payne - Gabriels Angels

I engaged Kass Verjee 3 years ago to move our company accounts from Sage to Xero. What a difference! The transition was seamless and the ease and flexibility of Xero has given us a much better understanding of where we are as a business. Additionally the service Kass offers and his enthusiasm for our business make me think he's part of it, I only wish I had met him years ago.

- Jason Allocca - Top Topiary

Having worked with businesses to advise and help using IT - a world i am very comfortable on, the world of accounting, is just one unknown black box to me. I moved across to Kass from an accounting company I used for a number of years, because it was safe. Kass has been a great help in setting up all that I need. One day I had a claim for solicitors telling me that I had to pay an EE phone bill of over £3000. Thing is, I've never used EE so straight away I was on the phone to Kass and he contacted the solicitors several times and sorted it all out. I've not heard back since - thankfully. So for an above and beyond the call of duty, accountant, I highly recommend Kass Verjee. Many thanks Kay Patel

- Kay Patel of Fenvale Ltd

It is with loaded pockets that I give this testimonial... Since the Govts introduction of a renewed marriage pensions tax allowance you had pushed me to make a claim. I tried many times via the website, but on each occasion became thwarted with the plethora of useless detail... But then! I installed the free TFMC App for Android. Whilst playing with my new toy I discovered in the message centre a question! Have you claimed your married couples allowance? Clicked the link and about 10 minutes later had sent off my claim. Go forward 4 days and I received a cheque for a £200 rebate for the current year. That's OK thought I. But then within approx another 10 days I receive the dreaded brown envelope. I open with trepidation as I was fully expecting HMRC to have discovered an error. BUT NO! My claim was back dated for 6 further years and enclosed a tax rebate of £877!... Thank you Kass for persisting with me me to get that App loaded. Thanks for TFMC for creating a message folder where they tell you about all of the good stuff and how to claim it. Without hesitation I recommend everyone to download the free TFMC app. Do it NOW! And check out the message centre...

- Ken Muschamp

I've used Kass as my accountant for over 2 years now and although we haven't had many meetings I've always been impressed by his prompt and courteous replies to my enquiries, professional attitude, attention to detail and genuine desire to provide the best outcome in every circumstance. As a result of his in-depth and up to date knowledge of taxation laws he's been able to (legally) save me thousands on my tax bills over the years - money I've been able to invest in new equipment instead - much more useful! I can highly recommend Kass to anyone who isn't satisfied with their current accountant or who has just started their business and needs an accountant. You won't regret it

- David Hogg - Horizon Imaging Ltd

We took the decision to move away from our existing accountant to work with Kass Verjee of The Financial Management Centre. We were not happy with our previous accountant and by listening to many testimonials for Kass and hearing his case studies each week of how he had made a very positive impact to other businesses, and people's lives - it was a no brainer for us. Kass Verjee is a forward thinking, highly competent, professional and very approachable individual who makes the potentially daunting subject of accounts seem simple for anyone without much accountancy training or experience. He carries himself with an uncommonly warm and friendly demeanour. As well as all the usual accounting jobs his company carries out, Kass identifies the issues behind the issues and has been great at "hand-holding" which is essential especially as we have moved to limited company status. The recent transition has already been a great success and the difference in service we receive from Kass compared to what we had previously is almost immeasurable. We get a great, responsive service, I now consider Kass Verjee a trusted adviser to our business who goes out of his way to find new ways to save us time and money - we are in excellent hands. My advice for anyone else who does not feel that their accounts are being handled by someone who is truly on your side, by your side - is go and have a meeting with Kass to find out what you are missing

- Louise Le Poidevin - Director, Pod Landscapes Grounds Maintenance Ltd

I have no hesitation in recommending Kass at The Financial Management Centre to all who may require the services of an accountant. If you want an accountant who is concerned about you and your business' wellbeing as well having a steely eye on your return dates and has the requisite skills to minimise your tax liabilities, Kass is your man.

- Ken Muschamp - LauLind Ltd

When I needed a new accountant Kass from The Financial Management Centre was recommended. I came entangled in the chaos of part limited company, part self-employed, archaic record keeping and money all over the place. It was a total mess. Kass has achieved something that is more akin to magic than accounting. I really don't know how he did it! Not only that he offers advice and services that I didn't ever think fell into the remit of an accountant so he can really help my business grow. I am an accountant's worst nightmare, but Kass is a genius and I would recommend him and The Financial Management Centre to anyone.

- Matt Dean, Rock n Roll Experience Ltd
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