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Year-end Accounts & Tax Return Service in Crawley

Many businesses in Crawley struggle with compliance obligations created by the need to submit a tax return and year-end accounts. Fortunately The Financial Management Centre in Crawley offers a reliable and affordable service taking care of these unwanted tasks. This means you hand over the reins to our qualified experts rather than continuing to struggle in silence. Our services give local businesses utter piece of mind their financial compliance responsibilities are taken care of in a timely and competent fashion. You save time to spend on core business activities instead.

Year-end accounts service in Crawley

Limited Companies operating in Crawley are required to file year-end accounts to Companies House in Cardiff. Year-end accounts must be filed in accordance with strict criteria set out in the Companies Act 2006. Companies House expects receipt of your year-end accounts within nine months following the conclusion of your chosen ‘Accounting Reference Period’. If you submit your year-end accounts after this day then expect to receive a fine. Fines range from £150 up to £3000. All fines are enforceable through the court and you also risk having your company struck off the Registrar if you fail to submit year-end accounts.

If you struggle to meet your year-end accounts obligation give The Financial Management Centre in Crawley a call today on 01293 853035. An advisor will book you in for an appointment.

Tax return service in Crawley

All business operating in Crawley must file a tax return to HMRC each year.

A list of businesses and individuals we help in this area include:

  • Limited Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Directors
  • Sole Traders
  • Private landlords
  • Those receiving income via dividend or interest on savings
  • Parents earning between £50,000 and £60,000 per annum and claiming child benefit

Individuals must file a Self-Assessment Tax Return on or before 31st January each year. The tax return relates to the prior ‘fiscal year’ running from 6th April to 5th April. Limited companies must file a Corporation Tax Self-Assessment using Form CT600. Limited companies must do so within nine months following the conclusion of its elected ‘accounting reference period’. A failure to submit the tax return on time prompts HMRC to issue a fine and interest charges on unpaid tax.

If you struggle with your tax return why not try The Financial Management Centre in Crawley? Our advisors work closely with you and your team making sure your tax return is completed accurately and within strict time limits imposed by HMRC. Click here to learn about our bookkeeping services.

We submit your tax return well in advance of deadline day. Click here to learn the virtues of early tax return submission.

How to make an appointment

Contact The Financial Management Centre in Crawley today on 01293 853035. Alternatively complete the enquiry form.

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Brian has always provided a friendly and responsive service

Simon Draycott - Director and Business Psychologist, Mendas Ltd

Having been recommended Brian Johnstone of The Financial Management Centre by our accountants, we met with him and explained what our business required. By working closely with our administration team and accountants, Brian has put together a book-keeping service which assists the financial management of our business, giving a cost-effective alternative to employing our own accounts staff.

Lynn Newman - Redwood Financial Advisers Limited