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Payroll & CIS Payroll Service in Crawley

The Financial Management Centre in Crawley offers a tailored payroll and CIS payroll service to the area’s vibrant business community. Outsourcing your payroll could be the most productive decision you make this year. Many Crawley-based businesses claim back hundreds of hours of their precious time by choosing to outsource payroll to our knowledgeable team. We keep updated on HMRC’s many rules so you do not fall foul of subtle changes in the law.

Free up your precious time

Many businesses unwisely choose to delegate payroll responsibilities to their already busy staff members. Payroll may overwhelm your staff. This often results in payroll errors. In turn these errors have knock-on effects capable of damaging your relationship with HMRC and your own employees alike. A classic payroll error involves the under or overpayment of wages. Either scenario is likely to soil relationships with your staff. When you outsource your payroll to The Financial Management Centre you make sure payroll is correct one-hundred percent of the time. We utilise modern payroll software backed up by qualified payroll experts. The result is an accurately managed payroll service you can rely on.

All PAYE and NI is communicated to HMRC using Real Time Information (RTI). We calculate PAYE and NI on your behalf, making revision from time-to-time to reflect changes in the law. We also prepare and send employees payslips. Payslips are marked up with your company logo. We supply e-slips or security sealed payslips depending on your preference.

What this service includes

Our payroll service includes the below list of features and benefits:

  • Payslips – e-slips and security slips. All payslips are customised to your banding
  • Telephone support should you need our immediate assistance
  • Calculation of PAYE and NI contributions for each employee
  • Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC
  • Student loan payments on behalf of employees
  • P60, P14 and P35 submissions to HMRC
  • Adding and purging employees from payroll

CIS payroll support for Crawley contractors and subcontractors

The Financial Management Centre also offers a bespoke CIS payroll service, tailored to the needs of local contractors. Contractors are legally obliged to deducted subcontractors’ PAYE and NI at source. HMRC takes a dim view of contractors failing to meet this important requirement. When you outsource CIS payroll to Crawley’s The Financial Management Centre, you ensure your legal responsibilities in this area are taken care of. We transfer funds to HMRC on your behalf and provide your subcontractors with payslips carrying your company logo.


Our CIS service will carry out the below list of activities on your behalf:

  • We will register contractors for the CIS scheme with HMRC
  • Verify your subcontractors with HMRC
  • We can produce statements of payments & deductions and on monthly / quarterly basis
  • Complete your monthly return and submit to HMRC
  • Offer general advice concerning all aspects of CIS

CALL TODAY FREE ON 01293 853035

Call the team here at The Financial Management Centre on 01293 853035 for more information on our payroll or CIS payroll services. As well as in Crawley, The Financial Management Centre has established branches all across the United Kingdom. Click here to learn the location of your local centre. Alternatively fill out the enquiry form.

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Brian has always provided a friendly and responsive service

Simon Draycott - Director and Business Psychologist, Mendas Ltd

Having been recommended Brian Johnstone of The Financial Management Centre by our accountants, we met with him and explained what our business required. By working closely with our administration team and accountants, Brian has put together a book-keeping service which assists the financial management of our business, giving a cost-effective alternative to employing our own accounts staff.

Lynn Newman - Redwood Financial Advisers Limited