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Accountants Brighton

Looking for an accountant in Brighton? Choosing an accountant is a very important business decision. A good one can save you a lot of money each quarter. A top quality one will find many ways to help you financially and help boost your business. Luckily, The Financial Management Centre can offer you a first-class Accountancy service.  We provide an accountancy service for many businesses in Brighton and West Sussex. Quality and affordable accountancy is what we do.

We have a wide range of clients, include sole traders, non-profit organisations and limited companies, within various industries ranging from small local businesses to large blue-chip clients.

Looking for an accountant in Brighton because you’re spending too much time on the financial side?

Running a business does not come without it’s challenges. It can be very difficult to run the day to day tasks, and the financial side on top of it does not make it any easier. Our Accountant in Brighton can help you free up valuable time to spend on your core business activities.

The best thing about running your own business is spending time the way you want to spend it. Let us help you with the bookkeeping and accountancy, while you do the things you set out to do when you opened a business.

There may be a new business plan you want to explore but are struggling with the financial aspect of it? Hiring us as your Accountant in Brighton could be crucial in the preliminary stages of your business’s development. We can advise you on the viability of your plans, and how you could achieve your goals and targets as efficiently as possible with maximum profit.

FAQ Accountants Brighton

What Is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a document that can help judge the health, longevity and profitability of a business. A business plan outlines your company’s goals, morals and values. The importance of a business plan, is the fact that it is the main document to persuade possible investors or lenders to secure funds for your business. At The Financial Management Centre in Brighton, we can help start-up businesses put together business plans that are accurate, persuasive and attractive.

What Trading Structure is Best for Me?

There is no right or wrong trading structure, just the most viable option based on your situation. Our accountants Brighton have a vast amount of experience when it comes to trading structures and can give you the best possible advice on your current set-up. It is possible to change your trading structure after starting out as a sole trader or partnership.

Is it Still Tax Efficient to Operate as a Limited Company?

A popular myth is the fact that being a sole trader is the most tax efficient way of operating. Limited Companies can be just as efficient, as income taxes can be higher than dividends for owners/directors of a company. Our accountants Brighton can explain to you how to become a more efficient Limited Company and offer advice on tax and VAT returns.

Can I Claim Expenses?

If you work for your self and you are self-employed, you will have various costs associated to the running of your business. You can deduct “allowable expense” costs from your turnover to calculate your profit before tax.

What can I Claim as Travel Expenses?

You have the right to claim expenses associated with the running costs of your business. In the case of travel expenses, you should be able to show that all costs are incurred wholly and exclusively for the benefit of the business. You are also not allowed to claim the costs incurred for travelling to and from work – unless you are travelling to a temporary place of work. Any travel to clients, suppliers and business meetings are allowed. The costs incurred while away travelling must be reasonable - For example, booking a five-star hotel is not reasonable, and therefore will often not be regarded as acceptable.

What can I Claim for Staff Entertainment Purposes?

Claiming deductibles for staff entertainment purposes is acceptable, however, you need to show that these costs were incurred for the benefit of the business. An example is a team building exercise, or a celebratory dinner to boost staff morale. Each employee has an entertaining allowance each year which cannot be exceeded.

What is CIS Payroll?

If you are a contractor in the building industry and work with sub-contractors, you will need to pay your sub-contractors through CIS (Construction Industry Scheme). A CIS payroll scheme only applies to firms who spend a specific amount annually on construction costs.

Looking for an accountant in Brighton because you may be paying too much tax?

The Financial Management Centre believes that you should be able to make the most out of the money you have worked hard for. We make sure you only pay the exact amount of tax that you need to. Our Accountant in Brighton can help you with tax liabilities and tax returns including VAT and corporation tax.

We know our extensive knowledge could help you save more money.

Our team of Accountants in Brighton are readily available to help you, whether you are a small business owner who needs some structural advice, or a business wanting to outsource some of their tasks. A FREE no-obligation meeting could help us determine how we at The Financial Management Centre can help you and your business. Call our team of Accountants Brighton on 0127 335 8156 or fill out our enquiry form. An adviser will contact you shortly to arrange an initial consultation. Alternatively, why not pay us a visit at our office? 

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I established my own business in 2006 and as the business expanded I decided to engage the assistance of Helen. I have not had to worry about the accounting since! I can thoroughly recommend Helen to anyone who requires guidance and assistance in any small business situation - from a start-up to and establishment business. Helen is knowledgeable, organised and highly efficient.

Ceris Burns - Managing Director, Ceris Burns International

Helen has helped enormously with my in house bookkeeping for Independent Property Inspections both through advice and the practical application of a detailed spreadsheet designed to make reporting more accessible and tax returns a little simpler. Highly recommend to any business type but in particular start-up businesses who need guiding in the right direction.

Debbie Mann - Director, IPI Property Management Ltd & Manager for The Mumpreneurs Networking Club

I can highly recommend Helen Preece of The Financial Management Centre. Before I found Helen, I had zero business and accounts knowledge! Helen assisted me to learn all about Quickbooks and how to file my VAT and many other aspects of book-keeping and our business accounts. She is extremely patient and can explain things in an easy manner and she didn't once make me feel embarrassed for my lack of knowledge during our sessions. I now ...

Sara - Preventafire Ltd