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Auto-Enrolment Aylesbury

Are you an Aylesbury start-up, curious on the liability and commitment level you have when considering employee pensions? This is where auto-enrolment comes into play, set as a mandatory Government scheme, which all employers must adhere to.

Whether you have 1 employee, or thousands, it is a legal obligation of yours as an employer to auto-enrol eligible employees into a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme, along with making ongoing minimum contributions.

Find out more about auto-enrolment in Aylesbury and how we can help you here at The Financial Management Centre.


What is auto-enrolment?

In short, auto-enrolment is a legal obligation of all employers to help their employees save for later in life. With this Government driven scheme set in place, a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme has been created, where auto-enrolment must take place.

For eligible jobholders, employers must comply with the new pension regulations, by ensuring that auto-enrolment is completed, along with maintaining monthly contributions.

It is also important to ensure that non-eligible jobholders and entitled workers understand this new scheme, and how they can enrol; although contributions will not be received.

Auto-enrolment and ongoing pension contributions is an obligation and commitment of all employers. By opting for employees, it is your duty of care to maintain this service and forecast for it within your annual finances. Failing to comply will result in a hefty charge and civil penalties.

For more information on how to complete auto-enrolment, get in touch with our team of specialist accountants today through our Aylesbury centre.


Steps to take when completing the auto-enrolment process

When completing auto-enrolment, here are the steps you will need to take:

As this can be an extensive list to complete, especially when managing all further areas of business, here at The Financial Management Centre, we promote auto-enrolment support for Aylesbury companies. We understand the severity of legal penalties linked to avoiding auto-enrolment and the above steps.


Auto-enrolment in Aylesbury for business purposes

By opting for our auto-enrolment service in Aylesbury, you’ll have peace of mind that all legal obligations have been completed. This will help you keep organised, while following all pension payments.

Receive this service for £25 per month, along with a setup fee, available through our Aylesbury centre. Although an investment is required for auto-enrolment, avoid any future financial or civil penalties by investing into specialist business accountants.

For more information on how auto-enrolment effects your workplace, your employees and your legal duty of care, contact our team today. We can run through the steps required to accurately complete auto-enrolment. 

We can customise a package for you and your business.


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