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TFMC Blogs

Credit Control - Expectations v Reality


Credit control is a vital function of businesses large and small. As important as it is though it can be a chore chasing payments and dealing with client excuses, but by having procedures in place to deal with these eventualities it can be made a lot easier. In this article we give you some pointers as how to do this and why they are important

What is a Tech-Savvy Bookkeeper?


The rapid rise and acceptance of cloud bookkeeping has forced many UK accountants and bookkeepers to change their traditional working practices. Technology bridges almost all physical distances, and a combination of phone, skype and cloud bookkeeping services means that many business owners never even meet with their accountants

Credit Control - How can I manage my cashflow better?


When you're self-employed or running a small business, it is imperative you manage your income and outgoings carefully. You need your customers to pay you on time so you can manage your own finances and plan accordingly. Without a credit control system in place you make struggle to make a profit or worse still, your business could fail at the first hurdle.

Top 5 Bookkeeping Errors Made by SMEs


Some bookkeeping or accounting errors are minor, insignificant and easy to correct. Others however can be far more serious and costly affecting your business’ financial health.

When and How Tips are Taxed


In this post we examine the rather interesting question of ‘when are tips taxable?’ Believe it or not, there is legislation expressly governing how tips are to be taxed