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Accountants Andover

Every small business owner has had periods where the running of the business took up so much time – that the tasks that might be secondary would get completely overlooked. For many business owners, the accounting and bookkeeping often takes a back seat – as there are so many other things to deal with in only so little time. Luckily, at the Financial Management Centre, we have a team of Accountants Andover who can help you make the most out of your company’s situation, by analysing and reporting your financial situations accurately.

An accountant is more than just someone to keep track of your money, the right one can help your business to grow and help you make the most of your finances. If you’re looking for accountants in Andover who offer a wide range of corporate services, then The Financial Management Centre can help. We’re just a short drive away in Farnborough and have worked with a number of entrepreneurs and small and medium sized businesses. Although we’ve worked with corporate and private clients from many different sectors, such as retail, wholesale and manufacturing, we specialise in hospitality and have worked with many hotels, restaurants and other catering firms.


Accountants Andover

Accountants Andover:  Accounting For Small Businesses

For many businesses, there will be different challenges at different stages of the venture. For many small businesses owners there is the idea that hiring an accountant is a costly move and can be to the detriment of the business. However, nothing is further from the truth. Doing the accounting yourself would not only be a waste of time that you could spend in furthering your business, but it would also take longer to complete the accounting in comparison with a trained and experienced accountant.

Having our team of accountants Andover take care of your financial tasks can only be beneficial and profitable – especially in the long term. As your company grows in size – so do the accounting needs. We can advise on any financial related manners no matter the size of your company.


Accountants Andover: Accounting For Start-Ups

New ventures could benefit from a specialised team of accountants Andover – for example, business plans. A business plan, is just a document – but a document that is the backbone of your companies success. A business plan is written in order to show investors your business will be profitable and well worth the time and investment. Our accountants Andover are very capable of helping you create the perfect business plan.

To add to that, our accountants can advise you on the best structure for your company. It is important that you choose very carefully which structure you go with as there could be differences in tax exemptions and returns. Why not give us a call today about how we can help you? Our Accountant Kass Verjee has more than 20 years of experience in accounting.  Call us today to arrange a FREE initial consultation. We look forward to joining your team in Andover.


VAT Return 

Looking for  VAT services in Wirral? The Financial Management Centre Wirral specialises in VAT and rates and provides very competitive rates.

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Tax Return Completion

Too busy to complete your tax returns and the deadline is coming up? At TFMC Wirral we can help you complete these quickly and accurately 

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The team

Kass Verjee runs our Andover office, as is a fellow at the Institute of Chartered Accountants, as well as being a qualified bookkeeper. As someone who is a business owner and has an entrepreneurial spirit, you can be sure that Kass will take a great deal of interest in your business and its success.


Our services

While you may simply be looking for accountants in Andover, when you come to The Financial Management Centre, you get so much more. Our accountancy service is not just about bookkeeping, but also helping you with compliance, tax advice, and even raising finance to help you achieve your next steps.

Some of the services we offer in our Andover office include:

People often think that accountants simply carry out tasks such as tax returns, but we offer a great deal of business support. If you’re looking for chartered accountants in England, then we are an excellent choice for entrepreneurial businesses.


Choosing the right accountants in Andover

There are many things to consider when choosing accountants in Andover. Firstly, you want to be sure that they’re qualified and experienced, and our team certainly tick these boxes. We are registered in England and Wales and take part in activities by the Institute of Chartered Accountants to ensure that we stay up to date with the industry.

You’ll also want to work with people who genuinely want to help your business, and because Kass is a business owner himself, he can offer a wide range of investment business advice. Whether you’ve just started out or have been established for years, there’s always room for improvement and growth when it comes to your finances.

It also helps to work with a firm who can translate financial jargon into plain, easy to understand English for you. We are regulated for a range of accountancy services, so we take care of the complex tasks, and we keep you up to date with your finances in a clear, easy to understand way, with everything explained so you can make the right choices.


Taking care of your finances

The main advantage of using The Financial Management Centre is that you don’t have to worry about your accounts again. You hand them over to us, and you can be sure that they’re in safe hands. We are registered to carry on audit work in the UK and Ireland, which can help identify areas of your finances that could be improved, and we can make suggestions accordingly. For example, you might be looking to mitigate the amount of tax you currently pay or be looking to improve cash flow, and we can make suggestions that improve your financial situation.

It’s also important that your business is compliant with UK laws, for example, having a VAT number and a registered office. Whether you’re a local business, or an international firm looking to work in the UK, we can ensure that your company is able to avoid any legal issues around your finances.


Helping your business grow

Many buinesses would like to expand but are concerned about the financial implications. It may be that you are unsure how to raise the funds you might need, or you may be worried about whether it’s feasible to expand in the current economic climate. At The Financial Management Centre, we can help put together business plans, so you can decide your next steps, and these can be useful when you’re trying to secure funding.

If you’re looking for reliable, experienced accountants in Andover, contact the team at The Financial Management Centre by calling 01270 350 125, e-mailing, or filling in our online contact form to find out more.


FAQ's - Accountants Andover

How quickly can you start work?

We start work from the moment you sign the contract for us to be your accountants, although if you are moving from previous accountants it's important that you notify them of the change so we can request to take your files from them.

When are corporate tax returns due?

A corporate tax return must be filed within 12 months from the conclusion of your company’s corporation tax accounting period. Failure to complete the return on time will result in a penalty charge.

Why would I need a company bank account?

Despite owning a company it is still seen as a different legal entity from yourself meaning that it will need to have its own bank balance as the money it the company generates belongs to the company before it is distributed to you.

Does my company need to be VAT registered?

For companies with a turnover below £85,000 the choice to be VAT registered is voluntary.

When exactly are my companies year-end accounts due?

Your year end accounts must be submitted to companies house no more than nine months after the companies end year.

We can customise a package for you and your business.


See What Others Are Saying

I engaged Kass Verjee 3 years ago to move our company accounts from Sage to Xero. What a difference! The transition was seamless and the ease and flexibility of Xero has given us a much better understanding of where we are as a business. Additionally the service Kass offers and his enthusiasm for our business make me think he's part of it, I only wish I had met him years ago.

- Jason Allocca - Top Topiary

Professional and Integral Accountancy Service It is important to me that I manage my company in the best way possible, with the best outsourced professional services, of whom I can rely on and feel part of my business team. Your advice of late has been invaluable to me. Your guidance on our accountancy and tax matters has been a great help and reassurance. As a small business owner, it is important to me that I have an accountant with knowledge and experience to help me through matters such as tax returns, both personally and for my business and through such matters as maternity allowance. However, please be reassured that the latter I will not need support on again in the future. Thank you for your professionalism. With kind regards

- Debbie Field - Field Training Service

We have been using the services of Kass Verjee for a number of years. Our business is a barber shop franchise and our paths crossed as Kass was a client at one of our branches. Kass has been instrumental in the success of our business and has helped us not only in financial management but advised us on many other business matters as well. We have grown from a single site business four years ago to a chain of ten with Kass managing all aspects of accounting for all shops within the group. I feel I can pick the phone up at anytime for help and support. Most recently we moved onto our new accounting software Xero. At first I thought it was going to take more of my valuable time to complete tasks, however it has actually helped the business plan more effectively, manage invoices and expenses as well as having some great reporting tools. Kass also spent some time training me on how to use the system which was a massive benefit. I look forward to many more years working together with The Financial Management Centre as our business goes through it's next stage of expansion.

- Colin Perkins - Commercial Director Hair for Men Group

We have been working with Kass for over 2 years now in relation to our company accounts, finances and payroll and benefited greatly from his broader financial advice on a very wide range of matters. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services, indeed Kass has become a true asset to our business as we have grown rapidly during the time he has worked with us. Not only does Kass offer sound financial advice he actively seeks out ways to help us grow revenue and reduce costs in key functional areas. An excellent example is the 'Xero' accountancy system. As true 'Sage' converts 2 years ago we were most reluctant to move to a new system, however following a few demonstrations we decided to give it a try and very much like Kass it would be hard to contemplate business life without. On a personal level, Kass operates to the highest degree of openness and integrity; attributes which we value highly in our daily business lives and what we do. Once again we would gladly speak to 3rd parties as part of a more detailed reference if required.

- Jason Payne - Gabriels Angels

Having worked with businesses to advise and help using IT - a world i am very comfortable on, the world of accounting, is just one unknown black box to me. I moved across to Kass from an accounting company I used for a number of years, because it was safe. Kass has been a great help in setting up all that I need. One day I had a claim for solicitors telling me that I had to pay an EE phone bill of over 3k. Thing is, I've never used EE so straight away I was on the phone to Kass and he contacted the solicitors several times and sorted it all out. I've not heard back since - thankfully. So for an above and beyond the call of duty, accountant, I highly recommend Kass Verjee. Many thanks Kay Patel

- Kay Patel of Fenvale Ltd
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